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Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal information on this website is governed by this policy, as amended from time to time.
This document was updated April 19th, 2018.

1. Volunteered Information

All information submitted during the course of contact with staff is treated as confidential at all times.
However, during our crew hire process, it is necessary to share basic information about your project in order to obtain quotes and availability from our freelancers.

Before being given access to any personal/contact information about you or your project or team, all of our freelancers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, and only those you wish to hire are given access to the aforementioned information.

When you make a booking with us, all information relevant to that booking is recorded in your account, along with any contact details that you provide. This information is necessary for the provision of production services and support.

If you joined a mailing list or gave us any of your contact information for any other reason, or by any other means, the information you provided is only used for those specific purposes.

2. Cookies

We set one cookie when you arrive on this site, which allows you to log into your account.
The data in that cookie is limited to this site and does not provide any form of external tracking.
Once you log out or clear your browser cookies, the data in your cookie is destroyed.

3. Limitation Of Use

All information held about you and your projects is stored for the intended purposes only, and will never be revealed or sold to any external body or entity for any reason, except where we deem necessary in order to comply with legitimate, lawful investigations.
In such cases, access to your information will be strictly limited to that which is explicitly relevant to the investigation and provided only following receipt of reasonable justification for such a request.

4. Removal Of Data

Should you wish to remove any data from your account, you can do so at any time by logging into your account and manually removing the data. If you wish to close your account and completely remove the data held about you, you can request account removal by emailing

Account removal will delete all information held about you with the exception of:
(a) names of completed projects
(b) reviews left by you or your production staff for our services
This information is retained solely for the purpose of maintaining your reviews on this website.

5. External Sites uses content sharing tools from and in order to allow content from the site to be shared on these platforms, and a Google translation tool to provide site translation services to international visitors.
We do not control, nor have access to, the information that is obtained or stored by these tools, nor how that information is used.

We recommend deleting your cookies regularly to help protect your privacy.

6. Non-Personal Information

We use a very small amount of readily available information from your browser in order to help us determine which avenues provide us with the most traffic. This information is aggregated to provide general statistics to our web team, and does not provide access to any personal information.

7. Advertising

We do not generally run adverts on this site, as we believe that most of our clients find them intrusive and inconvenient.
However, from time to time, we may run promotions and offers for "Kane Millar & Friends", which comprise services offered by companies and freelancers we know and trust on a personal level. These adverts are controled completely by, to ensure they do not contain any tracking software, and they are presented in a considerate manner, in line with the brand and user experience.

To find out more about privacy and personal information storage, get in touch here.

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