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Earn Money With Referrals
When you tell your friends, family and colleagues about, you can earn a portion of the money they spend, just for referring them. It's the new referral scheme that you can start using today.

All you need to do is enter your name and email address in the boxes below, so you can be contacted when somebody you refer makes a booking. From there, we can arrange the best way to send you your cash.
When somebody you refer mentions you when booking a shoot, you will be credited for the booking, and 10% of the fee will be put aside for you as a finder's fee.

There's no limit to the fee or the amount of referrals that pay. The bigger the commission, the more you earn!

That's it!
Mailing Lists
Mailing Lists
Cast And Crew Wanted Get notifications about film and television projects from Kane Millar & friends.
Exhibitions This list alerts you when Kane Millar photography is on exhibition. Includes entrance fees, times and locations, and any other relevant information.
New Collections As all collections are limited edition, some images will sell out permanently. This list alerts you when new photography collections are published online, so you have a chance to bag rare prints before they're gone forever.
New Services This list sends notifications when new services are added.
Offers This list alerts you to new offers that can save you money on products and services from Kane Millar and friends and also includes last-minute updates on workshops from experienced producers, directors and actors.
Photo Challenges Each week, you will receive a photo challenge in your inbox. Everyone who takes part can vote for the best image and the winner gets a 250,- Gift Card every week.
Photography Courses Places on courses are very limited (usually 5 or less). This list sends email alerts to give you a chance to sign up for new courses as soon as they are published.
Photography Projects Join this list to find out how you can be involved in photographic projects and get free shoots.
Referral Scheme Joining this list will add your details to the referral scheme, so you can get paid for telling others about!
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